Report: Adrian Peterson Would Sign Team Friendly Deal With Patriots

  • Alan H. Gluck

    Prima Donna’s are not Bill’s favorite thing, and he was brought up on charges of child abuse, also not in the Pats game plan. I believe he would be an asset as far as skills go, but not for our locker rooms culture.

    • Rolando Estrada

      explain me, how abuse on child is being a prima Donna? Besides of not being a prima donna, he´d be a nice fit as well…

    • Mark

      I don’t see the Pats staying away from him for anything he does off the field. You say “Bill” doesn’t like Prima Donnas, when he brought in such players like Randy Moss and #85. You say you’re pal “Bill” doesn’t have picking up players with bad background stories, when he just signed hibitual DUI offender Michael Floyd onto the team. Winning is winning. For a paycut I think “Bill” would consider it. But here why I don’t think it’s plausible. 1) The Patriots run a running committee for different formations. 2) Low money Blount scored the most TDs last season and is a big strong back. 3) You have to protect your gold. AKA TB12, Peterson isn’t a strong blocker. 4) Tim Tebow effect. The Patriots like to get the media attention away from them and/or one player. I don’t see it happening, but I’m not Coach B.

    • James Moe Morency

      “Bill” has got a way of dealing with “stars” Randy Moss worked out great. We have had more than a few players over the years with sketchy reputations from other teams rehabilitated.

  • Rahn Aquizap

    Get it Done….OMG, TB12 & AP28….& everyone else on offense! #BOOM #DROPTHEMIC