Updated Tom Brady’s Career Record Vs. Every NFL Team Is Mind Blowing

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    What is additionally amazing is that if you take into consideration some of the losses such as the defense giving up a last second bomb to Russell Wilson, or the Gronk drop against GB, the games he came out of in the first quarter against the Jets, Bills and Dolphins and the team loses so he gets the loss as the starter, or the PI flag that was picked up against the Panthers, there are over 10 games that could have, should have gone the other way. Add in that if Scharneccia hadn’t retired for a year and you can add another few games to that total. Can’t imagine he already has a 77% win percentage but had his team not dropped passes to give games away or if refs were not so boneheaded (directed by Goodell?), he could actually have a win percentage a few percentage points above .800, that 80% of the time he puts his team in position to win. Like Hall of Famer Steve Young has said, Phenomenal. Awesome. Other Worldly.
    Von Miller was heard to have said Brady should be blood tested, not for drugs just to see if he has any. The thought here is that he is not one of us because he has accomplished what no other player has even thought of accomplishing. He simply can’t be human. After the Broncos defeated Brady by knocking him senseless over 20 times in one game, Miller commented how amazed he was that Brady just kept getting back up. Then Miller closed out the quote with “that is the toughest
    ?&@$! player I have ever seen, and I am not talking just QBs”.

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    Anybody else notice that if Brady and the Patriots traded positions with the Colts (and Peyton) in the Colts division that Brady would have had Peyton’s advantage of playing the weakest teams in the AFC twice a year. Brady had his best win percentage against the teams Peyton beat up on only by a far wider margin (.846). Think about it. Peyton played most of his career against the two teams that were new to the NFL in JAX and Houston, while Tennessee was the old Houston team that wasn’t very good to begin with. And still Brady crushed Peyton’s win percentage against that division. Same against the AFC North were Roethlisberger played (.806) the NFC North were Rodgers played (.824) and the NFC South where Brees Played (.813), instead of the AFC East (.778).
    If you look at the west you have to realize that the travel time and time difference hasn’t the greatest impact on all teams trav lying west so not a good indicator.
    Still had Brady and Peyton switched divisions with their teams Brady would have won another 8-10 games or so. Then add in if he played in a dome and Peyton played in the wind and cold of New England that Brady would have another 9-11% added to his stat totals while Peyton would have to reduce his numbers by that same amount. The final result already puts Brady ahead of Favre in Yards and TDs while Peyton drops to the Dan Marine range of stats. Amazing what you can do if you are willing to consider the parameters that helped hype a QB.

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      Bravo sir

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    It’s only fair to give the QBs who played in the cold and wind and rain a statistical bump up with their stats to offset them with their counterparts who played in the warmth of California, and the south; the domes were temperature controlled, had no wind to blow passes off course and had turf to aid their offfensive stats; and any QB that played at altitude like Elway and later Peyton.
    Had any of these QBs played in the wind and rain and cold, their stats would have been considerably downgraded so when you see a QB who did play in the Northern part of the country and not in a dome, and his stats are comparable to the guy who played in the warmth, dome or altitude, realize he is the better QB because he had to overcome hurdles the others did not.
    QBs deserving more credit because they played in the wind, rain and cold:
    Brady, Unitas, Favre, Rodgers, Starr, Tarkenton, Graham, Baugh, Bradshaw, Big Ben, Kelly, Eli and Namath.
    QBs who played in the warmth should get less credit namely:
    Montana, Young, Marino, Staubach, Aikman, Fouts, Stabler.
    QBs who played in a dome should get considerably less credit namely:
    Peyton, Brees, Warner.
    QBs who played at altitude had a huge aerobic advantage to win home games:
    Elway (105-27) at home (almost 4-1) but a losing record for away games, and Peyton who was a 2-1 winner playing his home games in a dome but a 4-1 winner at altitude and after his operation, largely due to altitude (and some say illegal use of PEDs but he retired so Goodell closed out the investigation so we will never really know, at least from the NFL side).

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    Stats are also impacted not only by the elements but by how a team builds it team and where in the draft a team picks.
    Consider that the Patriots could give Brady little help because they always drafted near the last position and when they did draft they never drafted like the Colts did who went for weapons for Peyton. Brady’s weapons came from the 3-7 rounds on mostly and still despite not getting the support (like The Colts) from the earlier picks or the offensive picks, and not playing in a dome nor against the dregs of the league (AFC South) Brady somehow managed to have the same or better stats and a much better win percentage both head to head and across the board both regular season and post season. So for the Peyton fan, love your player and enjoy what he did to the degree he did it, but just realize Brady truly did so much more with so much less and is the GOAT (with years? to play). And while Peyton had a media willing to cover his tracks and give him MVP undeserved while steal MVPs due Brady, and a Commissioner that gave Peyton credit for a pass on a lateral so Peyton could claim Drew Brees’ passing yards record, that same Commissioner was willing to orostitue himself to the owners and be willing to frame Brady, steal draft picks and refused to allot any draft picks to the Patriots from the Jets (the team Goodell worked for before becoming Commissioner) despite being found guilty of tampering with Revis. Very other similar situation gave the team harmed draft picks from the harming team. Ask yourself how Revis a highly sought after player and considered of great value was allowed to be stolen by the Jets yet without the Patriots getting any picks for their loss.