My name is Andrew Tomasi, I created the site to share my thoughts on all things Boston sports, news, as well as other random topics.

I grew up in a small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I moved to Florida in 2000 at the young age of 14, but I always followed the home team! I got married in Florida in 2011 and in 2012, I moved back to Massachusetts (One of the few idiots to make that move) and it was at that point I decided to start this site.

I have been a die hard Boston sports fanatic ever since I was able to walk. Sports is a passion of mine and I want to be a source of that same passion for everyone else. I consider myself to be an avid golfer (zero handicap) and love to be outdoors with my wife and son!

The name “Off The Monster” came to me because The Green Monster is one of the most unique aspects of Fenway Park. It has given home runs and also taken home runs away. The Monster makes it tough for outfielders, batters and even TED. Its one of the most interesting features in all of sports. So why not…

I am also joined by my man Beau. Beau joined Off The Monster Sports back in December 2015 and has been a fantastic addition to the team. Beau brings a sense of comedy to each and every post he writes.

We would like to thank all the followers we have now and welcome all of our new followers, we look forward to providing you great content!

Some material may be offensive and/or crude. If you take offense to any of these things, please refrain from reading the site.