Boston News

Boston Radio Host Applauds Roy Halladay’s Death, Says He ‘Got What He Deserved’

  • Doris Wallace

    Regardless of how you feel KEEP IT TO YOURSELF😡😡!! A family is grieving a person has died. You are one piece one piece of CRAP

  • Debi Baccari

    You are the definition of a LOSER…How dare you speak ill of this man. His family is grieving. Keep your big mouth SHUT.

  • AJ Richard

    I kinda hope the family sues for defamation if possible

  • Russell Forry

    Don’t listen to him. And he will be fired

  • George Sedares

    Never liked this horses a _ _ ! Now he reinforces that dislike ten fold. I will get on the horn and let a few people know my feelings to be sure…..

  • An American Patriot

    What a stinking jerk!

  • Duane McCormick

    Hey Felger…I’d like to meet up in person with you so you can (I’d say have the balls but you’re much short of that) express your opinion man to man to me. The problem is, I’d probably get arrested because I’d b@!~* slap you around until there was nothing left to b-slap

  • Marion Cone

    Stopped listening to him and his trained c himp more than a year ago.